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Ask Buffy!

Ask me any question you'd like

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What is ask_buffy?

ask_buffy is a community where you can come and ask a question. What type of question? It doesn't matter. I like to give advice and will do my best to help you with a problem or even just the simpliest of questions.

As more people join, they may answer your question as well but you have my GURANTEE that I will always answer your question.

Don't every be embarassed about your question, I promise not to laugh or be mean to you. Believe me, I have heard everything in the book, nothing will shock or surprise me.

You can ask as many questions as you like. I really don't mind what the question is. It can pertain to anything, nothing is off limits.

Now go ahead and start asking!

Mod: slayer_buffy66

A little about me: "Buffy" is a name I got from the popular TV show Buffy The Vampire slayer. Everyone around me calls me it. People online and offline. I give advice almost every single day of my life so thats why I decided to make a comminuty!

If you want to know more about me just go to my LJ and tell me to add you to my friends list, I just might!